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Monday, 29 May 2017

Apple Maps vs Google Maps - Everything You Need to Know

GPS are useful when looking for a path, route, or reach a destination.

There are several navigation apps we can use on our iOS device

Apple is the owner of Apple Maps and is constantly working on it

Google Maps is the direct competition of Apple Maps but Which is better? Here is the comparison
Both Google Maps and Apple Maps have the same function. Its characteristics are similar but not the same.

Here are some important differences that we should consider when using the applications.

Where does the comparison between Apple Maps vs Google Maps take place?

The comparison is executed by Justin O'Beirne. Their study is done in downtown San Francisco, place that is considered the backyard of Apple and Google. The research was conducted over a year and shows great changes in both platforms.

Operation: Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Apple has long claimed to be working with its maps to try to keep pace with Google Maps. The comparison shows that the improvement of Apple Maps has not been on a large scale, and Apple does not even care about improving the flow of how your application works.

Google Maps performs rapid search, if it is true that Apple Maps does not take so long to make the presentations but the difference is noticeable.

Maps: Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Applications should constantly update their maps so that changes and updates to some sites appear on them. It could be shown that although both platforms have a small delay in updating their maps, Google Maps is ahead, as some places as where the study was made it might be noted that Apple maps are missing some details.

Places of interest: Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Some public sites or places of interest were also analyzed and you could see that Apple maps are able to collect more places of interest like restaurants, fast food places, mall, etc.

Conclusions: Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Although Apple updates its maps and works on them, the truth is that when we do the comparison with Google it is noted that Google Maps has a great advantage. If it is true that both services are similar and none can be classified as "bad". Both maps are recommended for use, especially those of Google that have improvements against Apple.

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