Apple Stops Offering 3 Months Free Trial on Apple Music

In a rather surprising move, Apple has stopped offering the 3-month free trial at Apple Music to start charging them € 0.99.

In this way, Apple equates with Spotify when giving to try their service of music in streaming, although that yes, this new measure seems that does not affect to all the countries , but to Spain, Australia and Switzerland .

Apple Music trial months cost € 0.99 in Spain, Australia and Switzerland

At the moment, the rest of the almost 100 countries where Apple Music is available continue to enjoy the three months of free trial with each new high, so probably this measure has been taken due to different agreements with record companies and authors.

In short, I think that we are not before a news with which nobody is going to take the hands to the head, especially if we consider that to be able to enjoy the test period of Apple Music is necessary to have previously linked a credit card .
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