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Friday, 26 May 2017

Apple yes it is of geeks and here is the final test

In case you did not know, today May 25 is the world day of Pride geek - or freakie, if you are a purist of the language -. A day to commemorate those people who long ago were seen as a few pringados, with their acne, their glasses, their passion for video games and their endless references to Star Wars and the Simpsons. Today, geeks dominate the planet - less the United States, there's Trump - and we have quite a few references to success and appeal, such as Karlie Kloss .

In the series we have also managed to sneak, not only in The Big Bang Theory - the pro geek series - but the very same Michael Scofield, House ... Because let's face it, geeks molar . Usually the company has been associated with bite apple artists and creatives, cool people who seem to be far from the profile geeks, but today we are going to deny it: geeks like Apple and Apple likes geeks .

Apple in the geek world of The Big Bang Theory

As we have said before, The Big Bang Theory is the most geeky series of all time , and as such, Apple has been the star guest on numerous occasions. As you can hear, throughout its ten seasons we have had the chance to see its gadgets, its operating system and even one of its creators.

Without going any further, Steve Wozniak - one of its creators who now sells mattresses - appeared in the second episode of the fourth season to discuss with Sheldon about a possible creation of a new Apple called Apple II. Curiously, Sheldon refers to Jobs as a swan-neck teaser. Here you can see the fragment:

Of course, iOS also has its niche in The Big Bang Theory when the gang decides to design an app and like so many other developers opt for the Apple environment. The app in question was a kind a scientific calculator that used the camera to recognize equations and then solve them, a bargain for any scientist and students panacea.

You know that this app actually exists and its name is PhotoMath . Of course, it has its limitations: it only recognizes the text written to computer and not the manuscript. It is available in the App Store and is free.

 Photomath - Calculadora con cámara
Photomath - Calculadora con cámara

And do not end here the references to Apple and its environment in The Big Bang Theory. How will not the charismatic Siri appear in the most geeky series on the television grid? It happens in the episode S05E14 and we find it in an old iPhone 4S that Raj just acquired. Like any of us the first time to test it, Raj is amazed and in fact Siri is a whole character of the chapter.

In case you do not know, the endearing Raj does not like women . In fact, you can only talk to them if you have drunk enough. Something that obviously does not happen to Siri, who after all is an artificial intelligence tool with a female voice.

But of course, Siri is far from being a human and how it has happened to us all, sometimes it simply does not understand us and ends up in despair. However in this chapter the confusion is even more amusing when Siri is unable to recognize the peculiar way of speaking of Barry Kripke, that in the original version has a problem pronouncing the erre, in fact does it in a quite peculiar form.

And although Siri is not perfect, we can not deny that she is a great virtual assistant who helps us enormously during our daily tasks, something that we can check during the episode, where we will have the opportunity to see many of its characteristics such as the recommendation of Bars and restaurants, wine reviews, your work as a DJ when it comes to choosing music ...

Mind you, these are just some of Apple's most funny and remarkable anecdotes in The Big Bang Theory, but they are not the only ones. So enjoy the rest of the day and look proud your Apple products because yes: the geeks like Apple and Apple likes geeks .

Via | Brandandfilms | IPhoneworld | FayerWayer

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