Apple's new guide teaches us to take photos of scandal with our iPhone 7 -


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Friday, 12 May 2017

Apple's new guide teaches us to take photos of scandal with our iPhone 7

One of the things that most Apple has worked on has been the camera of your iPhone 7 Plus device . A dual camera capable of taking mind-boggling images in almost any situation we are in.

Today, Apple has launched a whole series of videos, as well as a new website, which will focus on improving the user experience and teaching us how to take better pictures with our iPhone 7 Plus .

Tips for everyone

In this new website we can find advice given directly by the Cupertino to take a lot of different images and videos. These tips include how to improve approaches, vertical panoramic images, action photos, street lighting, improve stability while filming videos, selfies, and many more tricks ; On the site we can also find tips to edit our images and selfies.

Each of these tips is also accompanied by a video, which aims to guide users throughout the process. For the more complex tricks, Apple will not be limited with a simple instructional video, but will give us a step by step guide to achieve the desired goal .

Easy to follow cheats

One of the best things is that all these videos are very simple to follow. They last from 30 to 40 seconds, and take us directly to the point that interests us .

We can find them on Apple's YouTube channel , but we can also see them on your new website .

Apple is focusing on improving the user experience, but iPadizate did not stop asking if this was really necessary .

What do you think of this guide made by Apple? Do you find it useful? Leave your answer in the comments!

Via | 9to5Mac

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