As every year, we can follow WWDC 2017 live -


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Friday, 26 May 2017

As every year, we can follow WWDC 2017 live

The WWDC is Apple's most important developer conference. In it, the best known software creators come together to present their latest news for the platforms of the Californian company, which of course takes advantage to teach the world everything you have prepared for your devices.

This year in particular, will be a very special edition, and we are in the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and of course, we must celebrate. And what better way to do it than with a new ration of software updates full of new features. From iOS, MacOS, in the WWDC you can know what will arrive in the coming months , something that surely you do not want to lose in any way.

Find out how to view the live conference

So that we can enjoy the main live presentation, Apple will make available to us, as every year, a page specially dedicated to the event , as well as specific applications for its devices. So, if you have a Mac or an iOS device you will simply have access to this page next June 5 to see the keynote. In the event that you have an Apple TV, you must download the Apple Events app .

If it is the case that you want to follow it from a PC, you must remember that you can only do it if you have Windows 10 installed. This is because Edge, which is only available in the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, is the only one currently compatible with the protocol used by Apple for its retransmissions. Of course, you can follow the latest news from iPadizate, but, in this case, we strongly recommend that you look for a way to see the keynote on June 5th. We are sure it will be worth it.

And you, will you follow the WWDC?

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