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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Can the Galaxy Note 8 with this design compete with the iPhone 8?

In the network have appeared the first images of a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Before the official presentation of the device still a long time, however, on the internet and a lot of information on this model.

Apple and Samsung and for many years are the main competitors in the smartphone market. And if a few years ago the rivalry in part passed in the courtroom, in recent years companies have completely passed the Fight in the framework of technology. And this has had a positive effect on manufacturers' products.

First Apple introduced the iPhone 6, the recognition of an error of the resignation of the launch of smartphones with large screens. After Samsung has released the Galaxy S6 line, leaving cheap plastic in favor of the new materials of the casing.

In the iPhone 7 the cupertino company has made the following turn, inviting buyers of an unprecedented level of performance and dual camera. Thanks to this model of Apple has been able to significantly improve the sale and regain lost positions.

In the Galaxy S8, the South Korean company responded by upgrading the design of smart phones with screen from end to end. " Apple prepares the symmetrical response of the screen the screen of the iPhone 8 is also going to occupy the entire bezel of the smartphone. Analysts hope that with the new "eight" design will become the best-selling smartphone in the industry. Can Galaxy Note 8 come to dethrone a leader's potential?

- 萌萌 的 电教 (@ mmddj_china) on May 25, 2017,

On the Web has appeared a video showing the design of the coming планшетофона Samsung, created by the three-dimensional printing method. In the new Galaxy Note 8 bet on the main camera - you will receive the double module.

Below the smartphone camera is the heart rate frequency scanner. Дактилоскопического sensor on the model is not seen, indicating that Samsung will publish it below the surface of the screen. Galaxy S8, as it is known, has criticized the biometric module, located on the back, next to the camera.

The remaining four months before the departure of the new Samsung model will have to compete with the iPhone "безрамочными" Galaxy S8 and S8 +. In recent years, Samsung was able to raise the bar of the design part of its emblematic decisions, and although she did not become the revelation, in this case, the company has made a serious pull.

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