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Friday, 12 May 2017

Create shortcuts to your favorite Whatsapp conversations

That the Whatsapp application is the instant messaging application par excellence in the world of smartphones, despite all its flaws, is something that no one doubts, Just maybe telegram . That's why it's often good that they provide us with some tricks that make using the Whatsapp application more comfortable . Today we will create shortcuts to your favorite Whatsapp conversations. Shortcuts to WhatsApp.

Tricks generally serve to make life easier for us in the use of technology. So, a trick that allows us to access the conversations directly, saving us a lot of steps that we do daily several times, is a good trick. Go for it

As we said, this feature is only available for Android devices ; IOS can not take advantage of it (at least yet). One of the advantages of Android, more free and open to developers, compared to Apple iOS, more closed and rigid.

You have to be clear that these shortcuts to Whatsapp will be created main desktop . This means you can drag and drop them into the position you want, but they will not come out in the application drawer. If you create a shortcut is to have it handy, so it does not make sense that you have to navigate through the drawer in order to access it.

Shortcuts to Whatsapp

Creating one of these shortcuts is very easy and you can have as many as you want, one for each contact group. First you have to open WhatsApp, look for the conversation you want to have on hand. Hold down the chat until it appears as selected and click on the three vertical dots that appear on the right side of your screen to choose the ' Create Shortcut ' option. With this you will be created a shortcut on the desktop with a round icon that will have the name of your contact and that will show your profile image in the application.

This also holds true for Whatsapp groups, so fashionable lately. In this case the shortcut to the Whatsapp group will be created with the image defined in the group and the name of the group. If you did not have enough with so many groups of Whatsapp, now you have it even easier.

Its functioning? Very simple. Just by clicking on the icon that has appeared on the desktop will open the selected conversation directly without having to access the application previously. When this access is not useful, you can delete it without any problem . To do this, treat it as if it were another application on your desktop and delete it as you would with one of these: hold it down and drag it to the delete or delete that will appear on your screen when you have it selected.

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