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Friday, 26 May 2017

Curling the curl: the most absurd Apple accessory you'll ever see

We do not understand. We carry around the matter but still, we do not see sense. Of course, like anything else of doubtful taste and usefulness, we have found it on Aliexpress . This is the AirPods metacharger . What is that? As you know, the AirPods have a battery pack that is comfortably loaded in their box so that when they are picked up they are ready to be used and when you return them to store them, they are charging.

Of course, the box does not generate electricity but has to be connected to the electric current, but someone has thought that perhaps a box above the table like no, that there is a lot of disorder and that even falls, Or I do not know, that a specific place of the house had to be assigned for the cargo. We know that there are people very OCD , so we assume that someone has done a market study and has detected the need to put a support, a kind of altar so that from the heights we can see how our AirPods are loaded .

The stand itself is no longer a solid aluminum body where the case is anchored by the lightning cable we use to recharge our gadgets like the iPhone, iPad or otherwise, the AirPods system. So if you want to have your cargo altar, you have to screw the cable so that it is fixed, so that the head serves as an attachment to the AirPods box. Needless to say, from a material resistance point of view, it is not a good idea to put a cable to that series of efforts.

If you have been convinced and really need a place to load the box to load your AirPods, this is your chance to buy it for just over 12 euros .

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