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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Did you know these 5 tricks for iPhone and iPad?

Apple's iOS platform has a wonderful and intuitive user interface, but the company's mobile operating system continues to grow and little by little it gets more complex .

The iPhone is the type of device that everyone can start using and learn to use all its functions in a couple of days, but nevertheless , it hides features that even the most experienced users do not yet know .

Discovering all the hidden features hiding on your iPhone (and your iPad) is always fun because it makes the terminal look new and surprising, if only for a moment. In this article we will recommend 10 little-known tricks .

10 tricks for your iPhone and iPad

Erase text faster: When you keep your finger pressed on the erase key on the keyboard the text is erasing faster and faster. But there is a trick you might not know, pressing harder with 3D Touch on this key will accelerate instantly.

Turning the flash off faster: To turn off the camera flash more quickly you can slide your finger to the left from the lock screen as if you were opening the camera, but just slide it a bit and let it go back.

See all tabs: In Safari, place your iPhone in a horizontal position and "pinch" with two fingers on the screen to see all the tabs open.

Open Spotlight on any app: With any application open, swipe your finger from above as if you opened the Notifications Center and stop when the search field is visible.

Prioritize app downloads: If you are downloading many applications from the App Store at the same time, use the 3D Touch app icon and press the download priority option.

Source | BGR

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