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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Did your iPhone fall into the water? This is what you have to do

Have you fallen in the water, in the toilet, in the pool, etc.? Moment of infarction if it has been like this and you do not have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, that yes they are resistant to the water. The fear that it does not work after getting wet leads us to make mistakes that can make our smartphone stop working, such as turning it on rescue.

If you have ever been wet - or if you ever pass - calm, you have a solution as long as you take the necessary precautions to minimize the damage. Those precautions to take are what we will explain here thanks to iDropNews , so that you are prepared when it happens to you or someone you know.

Precautions to take when the iPhone is exposed to water

  • If you had the iPhone plugged into the power supply and it got wet, unplug it immediately so that it does not cause a deadly short circuit in it. 
  • Similarly , if you have been wet do not plug it in or connect any other accessory (headphones, USB cables, etc.). 
  • Keep iPhone face down and shake gently to remove liquid from different ports.
  • If it is still on, switch it off . And if it was off, do not turn it on! 
  • Remove the iPhone case , if you have it with a sleeve on, to avoid getting water trapped.
Now that you know the precautions that need to be taken in case our iPhone gets wet, let's see how to dry it .

How to dry the iPhone once wet

Everyone has heard that putting a wet smartphone in a bag full of rice helps to dry the inside of the device , since the rice absorbs moisture. Well, some people say that this works and those who say no. Based on my own experience, I have to say that it worked for me.

  • First look for a bag that you can close , whether it has a zipper or closing it later with some object, such as a clip. 
  • Fill the rice bag and place the iPhone inside , covering it completely with the rice. 
  • Leave it in the bag between 36 and 48 hours , that is, a day and a half or two days. 

After that time, the iPhone should be ready to leave the bag . Although if you are not sure, you can always leave it as long as you want. Take it out when you think it is and turn it on. In most cases it will turn on without problems .

Now check that everything works correctly : speaker, calls, screen, camera, etc. If something does not work, you feel that something happens to you or it does not go directly, you have to go to an Apple store and have them handle it.

Remember that the iPhone has a liquid contact indicator and shows if it was damaged or not with water . In that case we recommend that when you go to the SAT do not say that the iPhone was wet.

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