Do not use Facebook, your health and your happiness will decrease -


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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Do not use Facebook, your health and your happiness will decrease

An elaborate study conducted by academics from Yale University and the University of California has concluded that it is better to limit the use of Facebook as it influences mental health and happiness .

The report has been very rigorous, and consisted of tracking Facebook's usage habits of over 5,000 people over two years , with three health reviews and levels of happiness.

Although, to be fair, controlling the levels of happiness is very relative.

An exhaustive use of Facebook can influence your mental health

The study monitored the mental health and social lives of 5,208 adults over two years. Subjects accepted to participate in surveys collected by the Gallup organization between 2013 and 2015 to share information with researchers.

In addition, the study collected a lot of data taking into account the number of times they pressed the button "I like" and how they updated their own status on Facebook.

Now it would be interesting to repeat the experiment, or a shorter study, with the new reactions of Facebook buttons.

According to researchers at Yale University, those users who were above average Facebook use had between 5% and 8% of chances of having lower satisfaction in their lives and worse mental health .

The researchers had direct access to the Facebook data of the people who participated in the study, so during those two years of the experiment they could know if they had health problems, if they were happy with their life, and how they evolved Problems regarding the use of Facebook.

According to the study, to conclude, the key to happiness and good mental health is to drastically reduce social interaction on the Internet to replace it interacting with friends in real life.

In addition ... as many of you know, using Facebook also significantly reduces the battery life of the iPhone and iPad so ...

Source | 9to5mac

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