France asked Apple to pay € 12 million in taxes -


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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

France asked Apple to pay € 12 million in taxes

From the French statement of finance, Apple, thanks to different legal stratagems, hidden large amounts subject to tax benefits from 2012 to 2014.

From results of the review of the tax services were French organizational unit to Apple law on tax increase. The exact amount to be paid from the funds is not disclosed, however, the division of the giant "apple" already reserved € 12.2 million

According to Information on a television channel, the tax increase report is filed in one of the two Apple departments in France: from the retail company of Apple France EURL.

Thanks to the different legal stratagems, the company had hidden large amounts subject to taxes paid. According to the statement of the results of the fiscal year ending in September 2016, revenues from Apple Retail France EURL was € 623 million, losses - € 9.4 million, and total revenue, together with another subsidiary of Apple - Apple France SARL - was € 700 million

Apple representatives did not focus on information on the French claim of the authorities, stating that Apple, as "the largest contributor in the world", pays taxes "fully everywhere, wherever it is present."

Last year, the European commission asked Apple to pay Ireland over € 13 million as an illegal compensation of tax benefits. " The iPhone maker has filed an appeal in this case. Apple boss, tim cook, then said the decision of the European commission without precedent and that has serious consequences. "

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