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Thursday, 25 May 2017

From iPhone 3G to iPhone 7, the evolution of the best smartphone in the world

The iPhone 3G was the second smartphone that Apple introduced, and was the first to have 3G support and GPS . At that time, a technological breakthrough.

But things have changed a lot in the smartphone landscape, now the apple bite company is much more popular and its products offer features that we could not even imagine .

That is the case of the iPhone 7 , the latest model of the smartphone from the firm of Cupertino. In this article we will analyze its evolution and how it has changed its design for 10 years.

The Evolution of the Apple iPhone 3G

When you put them side by side, the iPhone 3G and iPhone 7, is really when you can appreciate all their differences. It really illustrates how the smartphone (and technology in general) has evolved over the last decade.

Just take a look at this little one, its size is tiny. The Apple iPhone 3G had a screen of only 3 inches .

Its back cover had a nice glossy finish , a finish that curiously the apple bite company has decided to recover on the iPhone 7 Jet Black model and it will come back in crystal form on the iPhone 8.

The size of the iPhone has been changing as the years have passed. Apple marketed up to 5 generations of smartphones with a 3-inch screen . The iPhone 5 of 2012 was the first to offer a 4-inch screen.

Here is the comparison between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 7 design . The size of the iPhone 7 is superior, the bezel frame is slightly smaller. But the most notable is the implementation of the Home button with Touch ID. Although it must be said that you miss the iconic square symbol of the home button ... Will you ever come back?

Here you have a view of the bottom of both smartphones. While the iPhone 7 has two fabulous stereo speakers and a small USB Lightning connector, the iPhone 3G had a microphone, a headphone jack and a huge 30-pin connector .

This year Apple will present its iPhone 10th anniversary , and the design of the terminal will evolve again and mark a small step in the history of technology. The new model is expected to have a built-in Home button on the OLED screen and the side bezels are removed, but their size will remain.

Via | Business Insider

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