GamePigeon updates to block users with jailbreak

With the arrival of iOS 10, Apple added a small App Store within the Messages application, from which it is possible to install numerous extensions like new stickers or games.

One of the most famous extensions of all is definitely GamePigeon , a collection of mini games for iMessage with which any user who has updated to iOS 10 can play online with a friend who also has iOS 10.

Well, in its last update, its developers have blocked its use in devices with jailbreak , a measure that they have stated, has been taken to avoid the use of hacks.

How to keep using GamePigeon on devices with jailbreak

Fortunately , it is still possible to enjoy GamePigeon on devices with jailbreak , although for this we must install a version prior to its last update.

  • Access Cydia and install the tweak "App Admin", with which we can choose which version of an application to install from the App Store.
  • Uninstall GamePigeon through the iMessages App Store.
  • Install GamePigeon from the App Store by selecting the version before the last one that has been published .
  • Do not upgrade GamePigeon until you find a solution so you can continue to use your updates.

As you see, continuing to enjoy the mini games offered by GamePigeon is so simple how to install a version prior to its last update, a fairly simple move that I recommend to all who make use of the application assiduously.

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