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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Get an almost immortal battery with these tricks for iPhone and iPad

If you want to make the battery (and its autonomy) last as long as possible on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch surely you will want to know these tips, tricks and tips.

Some of these tricks for iPhone and iPad will allow you to extend the life of your battery , and extend your life for more years.

You will not get an infinite or immortal battery ... But almost! Without a doubt these tricks will offer you extra energy so that the battery of your iPhone and iPad lasts for hours, hours and hours ...

Cheats to extend the battery of your iPhone and iPad

1. To the last!

Make sure your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are up to the latest, and by this we do not mean that they are aware of the latest Twitter trends, no, but updated to the latest version of the mobile operating system to preserve a Better use of the battery .

2. Oops, my eyes!

If you want the battery of your mobile device to charge much faster (and last longer) it is imperative that you reduce the iOS display brightness from Settings> Display and brightness.

3. Why Facebook, why ...?

Another of the most important things when it comes to improving the use of the battery in your iPhone and iPad is to know which applications are the ones that consume the most battery. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter ... You can find it from Settings> Battery> Using the battery .

4. Flying I go, I fly I come

You do not need to continually use Bluetooth, 3G or Wi-Fi connections, you can choose to open the iOS Control Center and activate Airplane Mode. It is proven that thanks to the connectivity of Airplane Mode not only will your iPhone / iPad charge faster , but your battery will last much longer.

5. If Apple says ... it will be true

Disabling services such as AirDrop, Wi-Fi, Location, Bluetooth, Siri, etc, will save you a lot more battery. But there is still something more that we (first and foremost) escape from the iOS users: emails. If you have activated the "Push" function the iOS Mail application will be constantly updated in search of new data. Therefore, it is best to turn it off in Settings> Mail> Get Data . In fact, Apple states in this category: "To optimize battery life, get updates less often."

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