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Friday, 26 May 2017

Google releases a new interface for Android TV

Google continues to advance, and has released a new interface for its Android TV system, Android adaptation for smart TVs. A new, more general, clean and smooth interface is the result.

Google has just released a new interface for its operating system dedicated to smart TVs, Android TV. It has been announced from the Android developer blog and the news is truly encouraging. It is a sign that Google has not forgotten the various variants of Android that swarm by various devices and is still concerned about them. Although it has not had as great a boom as its brother for mobile phones, the market for smart TVs is still under development and remains to be seen if they will be a real market alternative.

This is the new Android TV interface

As we can see, this new interface is much softer and lighter than the previously seen, example we have used cover. Everything is much more at hand and you can appreciate an increase of the cleaning in the menus: they are not all piled up in menus but they leave room to the screen. Minimalism is clear and, to be honest, it is to be thankful.

In the same blog of Google we are told that with the arrival of Google Assistant to Android TV voice searches will be faster and will allow us to access more easily the content we will look for. We can also activate, according to Google, Assistant even with videos and music in play. The menus have gone to some feeds of recommendations based on your tastes and with Netflix as main protagonist (if you have subscription). We'll also have a simpler apps section to make it less cumbersome for us to navigate our television. What do you think of this new interface?

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