Guide: How to correctly pass 'Mach_Portal' to the new iPhone 7 jailbreak -


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Monday, 29 May 2017

Guide: How to correctly pass 'Mach_Portal' to the new iPhone 7 jailbreak

As you all know, the jailbreak of the iPhone 7 came from the hand of Luca Todesco with 'Mach_Portal', a tool in beta phase whose stability leaves much to be desired.

Well, due to the discovery of new bugs in iOS 10.3.1, Todesco published a few days ago a new jailbreak for the iPhone 7 called ' Extra_Recipe ', which arrives to greatly improve the stability of the same and add full compatibility with Cydia Substrate.

In this way, I will explain how to correctly pass from one jailbreak to another, since it is necessary to follow a series of guidelines so that there is no incompatibility between the two.

How to Pass Mach_Portal Correctly to Extra_Recipe

  • First of all is to have correctly executed Mach_Portal on your iPhone 7 and to access Cydia without any problem.
  • Subsequently, add the following repository in Cydia and install a package called "Kenobi for Yalub3".
  • After you have installed and performed the relevant resping, access Cydia again and delete it.
  • Turn off your iPhone 7 and turn it back on to turn off the Mach_Portal jailbreak.
  • Activate the Airplane Mode of your iPhone 7 and run the Extra_Recipe icon that should have appeared in your SpringBoard after having done the second step.
  1. NOTE : It is possible that the process fails and does not perform correctly at first, so if that happens the only thing you have to do is re-run Extra_Recipe .
  • If everything went well, after a few seconds the iPhone 7 will return to make a last respring and the jailbreak will have been done successfully, so that you can turn off the Airplane Mode and use the phone normally.
In this way, we will get a much more stable jailbreak , avoiding also use third party activators for Substrate whose operation left quite a bit to be desired in some occasions.

Otherwise, and although if you follow the tutorial to the letter should not have any problem, I remind you that you can use the comments of this same news with any questions you may have so that I can help you.

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