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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Has the iPhone 8 been leaked in a video clip of an Italian singer?

Almost every day we have the opportunity to know a new possible outline, a new rumor or deny ... the most anticipated smartphone of the year: the iPhone 8, or iPhone X, or iPhone Edition. But this time we have seen something that has broken all the schemes. A videoclip of a popular Italian singer called Tiziano Ferro in which we have the opportunity to witness exclusively The iPhone 8?

The truth is that although Tiziano Ferro is well known in Italy, it is not so much in the rest of the world, although a few years ago it was a relative success in Spain with songs like Forgiveness or Black Evenings, but surely it is not in your top. That's why this leak is probably a ploy to get some extra publicity and by the way, troll Apple fans.

And this trolleo appears in a very original video clip of his new single called Lento / Veloce that has managed to sweep youtube in the last few hours precisely because of its original idea: to appear a seemingly functional iPhone 8 .

The video clip itself is a kind of big psychedelic Las Vegas hangover in which as you see in the cut, - because the iPhone 8 appears after about a minute of the clip - a false Elvis carries it in his hands .

But why think that it is an iPhone 8 and not any other smartphone? Before entering a chapel, the character has a gorgeous iPhone 7 Plus in his hands, but as soon as he catches it in his hands Elvis, zas! Transformation into a borderless terminal like the one we've been seeing for months. But obviously, it's not the original iPhone 8.

Come on, we are sure that Apple has not given an iPhone 8 to Tiziano Ferro to start their promotion through a video clip many months before. But it's fantastic!

We leave you with the piece of the video clip so that you can judge yourselves:

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