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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hide your photos in Instagram without deleting them with this new feature

If you thought that to get rid of a picture once you uploaded it to Instagram you needed to remove it completely, then it's time for you to change your mind. Instagram has been applying a number of changes to its application and to the community in general for a few months, in order to give users more control over the contents of their accounts, and to protect them when accessing those of others. As part of these changes, the social network has introduced a new feature to "archive" the photos.

And, as I said at the beginning, in many cases we have realized that certain photos are not working as they should, or we simply wanted to make them disappear for a while without actually eliminating them. So far, we have only had the option to delete them permanently , but what if we did not want to get rid of the photo and we have it only in our Instagram account and not in our phone? Then, we could only hope that nobody would see it hanging on our profile. Well, that will not happen.

Protect your most personal photos from the looks of other users with this new feature

These days, some Instagram users have reported the appearance of a new option in their profiles to view archived photos . It has been the company itself that, through statements to TechCrunch , has confirmed the existence of this new feature, which will reach the entire community in a stepped way in the coming months.

With it, the intention of the company is to provide its users with new tools that serve as an excuse for them to continue using the application. In this case, they will allow us to store our photos without the need for them to be public for our followers, and it is that we can only see them through the archived photos section of our profile. Now, we can only hope that this desired function is available to all, which should not take too long.

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And you, can you use this feature already? Will you archive any of your photos?

Via | 9to5Mac

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