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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How iOS 11 can improve the productivity of the new iPad

In the absence of a week for Apple to present the new iPad Pro of 10.5 inches and software belonging to iOS 11 everyone wonders what news Cupertino's signature will have reserved.

There have been very few rumors that have circulated around the network about the new iPad and iOS 11. We only know that the tablet could have a new design that would include much narrower side bezels and that iOS 11 could have a Night Mode .

Below we'll talk about how iOS 11 could improve the productivity of Apple's iPad Pro through some very interesting features and performance.

Multi-User Accounts

We are many iOS users who use the iPad for both leisure and work. Therefore, it would be interesting for Apple to improve the productivity of the device by giving users the ability to log into various accounts to keep work separate from the entertainment.

3D Touch Compatibility

3D Touch technology, which for the moment remains unique to the iPhone, allows developers to implement really useful shortcuts for their applications . With the compatibility of the new 10.5-inch iPad with 3D Touch would open a whole world of possibilities.


We have already spoken several times about multitasking on iOS 11 , Apple needs to improve various aspects of Slide Over and Split View. Add the possibility to organize the applications, close them more easily and incorporate the support to drag and drop elements from one to another app.

Magic Mouse support

The truth is that iOS 11 does not need to become macOS to be a more productive and satisfying operating system. But developers should have the option to include support for the Magic Mouse. We really think that the touch functions and the mouse pointer can live together in harmony with the iPad .

Via | 9to5mac

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