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Friday, 12 May 2017

How should Apple call your new iPhone?

Apple plans to introduce three new iPhone models by the end of this year 2017, specifically in September. Most likely, two of those models are the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus , but there is a special edition model whose name is a mystery ...

This new product has generated a lot of expectations, although the smartphone of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone is a mystery, there are some news that have already filtered: wireless charge, OLED screen, Home Button with Touch Virtual ID, camera Dual upright, 3D sensors, facial recognition ...

Most media have declined to use the "iPhone 8" nomenclature for this next-gen Apple terminal, but the truth is that no one knows what the new iPhone will be called .

What will be the name of the new 10th anniversary iPhone?

Over the past few years Apple seems to have gone as safe as design and functionality. But the new iPhone will mark a before and after in the era of the company and we all expect a drastic renovation of its design.

The iPhone 2017 will be the most important launch of Apple, so its name should be spectacular. We think it would not be enough to deal with the nomenclature "7s" by adding an additional model such as "iPhone 7s Pro". We believe that his name will imply a great change.

Some, as we mentioned earlier, have chosen to call it iPhone 8 . Although it is possible, it is unlikely. Others think that it will be called iPhone X , alluding to the fact that it will be the 10th anniversary iPhone.

On the other hand, the company of Cupertino could call it iPhone SE 2 , although it would not meet the same characteristics that the first model. Another possibility would be to simply use the nomenclature "iPhone", as it happened with the last iPad . To conclude, other rumors suggest that the new terminal of Apple could end up giving it the name of iPhone Edition , and this is a very elegant nomenclature, very Apple-like. What do you think?

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