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Friday, 12 May 2017

How Sleep Monitoring Will Influence Apple Products

Apple has acquired a company called Beddit, which is behind the development of a sleep monitoring system that synchronizes with a sensor located in a small cover under the sheets and that collects all kinds of information to analyze and improve sleep habits .

The acquisition has caught us all by surprise, because apparently the signature of the bite apple plans to continue selling Beddit hardware while collecting data related to users' sleep.

For this reason, we wanted to take a look at some of the functions related to sleep monitoring that Apple might be thinking of implementing in their future products.

What does Apple plan to do with Beddit?

The purchase of Beddit by Apple came to light because Beddit updated its privacy policy in order to highlight the acquisition and addition of Apple's rules.


The technology present in Beddit allows to obtain data of the heart rate, of the breathing, of the time of sleep, etc. It also tracks movement, snoring, room temperature and even humidity, in order to determine which factors influence sleep .

For the immediate future, Apple will continue to sell Beddit hardware but long-term plans are unknown. The Cupertino firm could well implement this technology in iOS to synchronize data with HealthKit and even with HomeKit so that users can receive the information on their iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch.

What do you think about Apple's acquisition of Beddit? What do you think they will do with this new technology they have in their hands? Will there be changes in HealthKit? Do you often monitor your dream?

Source | Macrumors

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