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Sunday, 14 May 2017

How to know if the second hand iPhone you are buying is stolen

The buying and selling of segundamano is the order of the day. Applications such as Wallapop, milanuncios, Vibbo or different forums and social networks are the places where you practice buying and selling. Under no circumstances is it illegal. Not at least if your device, iPhone in this case, has not been stolen .

Not long ago, a companion shared with us her misfortune when at the Barcelona airport they stole her iPhone 6s and the possible acts that the thieves would take to steal it . And friend, that same thing can happen to you without you realizing it.

You can be the victim to whom your iPhone is stolen or, on the other hand, the victim to whom they sell a stolen iPhone . And since iPadizate does not want that to happen to you, here is a tool that will help you to know if the iPhone you are going to buy is stolen or not.

Stolen Phone Checker, the tool that will tell you if an iPhone is stolen or not

Stolen Phone Checker is an online tool that, after entering the IMEI number, will tell us if the iPhone we are going to buy is stolen . Obviously, the person to whom we go to buy the iPhone should send us or show us the IMEI number.

Our advice? Check it in front of him or her when you stay for the exchange and so you will be yourself to check the IMEI , without possibility to give you a false. Yes on the contrary, the purchase will be remote, look for a way that the other person will not fool you with a possible false IMEI.

The use of this tool is extremely simple. As I said, just enter the IMEI and voila! . Unfortunately, we have several hits to put:

Its use is limited to 5 uses per day, unless you belong to law enforcement, which will have unlimited uses.

Its use, for the time being, is limited to the United States. We hope and hope soon to reach other countries.

If on the contrary, it is you who have been stolen the iPhone, here is an article where we tell you what you should do in that case.

Now it's your turn to tell us the comments if you've ever been the victim of an iPhone theft or, on the contrary, you've been sold a stolen iPhone. What have you done in any of the cases?

Via | 9to5mac

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