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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to record a phone conversation with the iPhone

The company PhotoFast introduced the first 3-in-1 device, compatible with recording all calls through mobile phones and voice application on iOS devices. The novelty under the name of Call Recorder was presented in the framework of the Computex fair of 2017.

From the time Apple rejected a 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7, PhotoFast developers have taken an important step forward in the development of the Digital recording through Lightning connector without digital to analog conversion of the dac / adc, which can influence the sound quality. Support for 48 khz uncompressed format PCM retains the original high-quality sound, despite the limitations of iOS.

"Recording a call is not as easy as clicking the button on your iPhone. Therefore, to make this type of input, you will need a device and application. Today, users need the security of important calls. The iOS call logger also allows for smarter data management. Call Recorder offers full compatibility of audio recordings, which PhotoFast considers modern advanced technology in the digital world, "said Warren Уанг, CEO of PhotoFast.

The Call Recorder Call Recorder - the first of its kind for iPhone charger, which allows you to record, store and share voice, internet logs and phone calls. With the device you can save all the great conversations with just one touch.

A single tap., And all recordings are sent in the internal storage, the interventions of the application and in the MicroSD card, from where you can listen and save in the next important years of the conversation, as well as photos, to have The opportunity to return to them at any time.

In addition, integration with microSD card reader gives an advantage in the expansion of external storage, where all your music files, video, фотофайлы contacts can easily copy with a microSD card into your device iOS device and vice versa. Using multiple memory cards with Call Recorder can free up ram on the iPhone, share files and perform backups.

Effectively record and process your audio files, the Call Recorder + application helps you to manage and organize any type of incoming and outgoing calls. Call Recorder + allows you to edit, rename, copy, move or share files with external storage, via email or a message. To protect important files, account lockout and password options are provided.

The price of Call Recorder will be around € 5600.

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