IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, is it worth your purchase in 2017?

Just over a year ago was the launch of the iPhone 6s, a device that came to dominate the market for a long time . He introduced many novelties that many other terminals of the competition have begun to use, if anything else.

However, over a year is a long time, so it's no wonder you ask yourself this question. If you plan to buy an iPhone 6 in 2017, you will surely like to read this first .

New technologies

The iPhone 6s was in its time the most powerful device of the market, and although to day of today it continues being a great device, it has rained much since September of 2015 .

This device brought from the hand of Apple, came with the innovative 3D Touch technology on its screen, which responds to different degrees of pressure . In addition, a revamped A9 64-bit processor was in charge of moving everything we saw on the screen, along with an M9 coprocessor.

Very pointy hardware

Despite having only 2 GB of RAM, the device managed to wipe out the competition. Even today it is capable of overcoming some high end terminals , both in normal processes and in multitasking.

With the iPhone 6s still on the market, buying an iPhone 7 is unnecessary - unless you want the iPhone 7 Plus. The advance between these two devices is not too great . Thanks to the incredible optimization of iOS, this terminal has managed to be one of the most powerful to date.

The iPhone 6s is still a highly recommended purchase today. If you do not want to spend all your savings on an iPhone 7, we recommend you seriously consider this device . In addition to having a very cutting-edge hardware today, it is more than sure to have a long life in iOS updates.

Do you have an iPhone 6s? Would you change it for another device? Leave your answer in the comments!
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