ITunes will hit the Windows Store later this year -


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Friday, 12 May 2017

ITunes will hit the Windows Store later this year

For years, there has been a strong rivalry between Apple and Microsoft for becoming the main consumer choice. Microsoft, on the other hand, decided to create software capable of running on any device, which would allow almost everyone to use it. On the other hand, Apple focused on creating unique user experiences, along with software and hardware designed to work in unison , characteristics that allowed them to set prices higher than their competitors.

After a while, the two companies have undergone a great evolution, and have already ceased to be what they were once. In the case of Apple, they have been almost entirely dedicated to the evolution of their mobile devices , leaving the computers a little to one side. And in Microsoft, they have finally understood that if you listen to users when it comes to creating your products, they may work better than ever. But however much evolution there has been, the rivalry is still there , although with the news that we are going to give you on iTunes does not seem so.

ITunes will get optimized especially for Windows 10

Everybody knows about iTunes, the player and content manager of Apple. A program that accompanied us during the iPod era and the beginning of the iPhone, but that may have lost some relevance today. What you may not know, is the Windows store, that place that so unnoticed has happened during these years. Well, today in the Build conference, Microsoft has announced a surprising alliance by which the Windows Store will become in the next few months the home of iTunes for Windows users .

This is a change that will undoubtedly benefit all users that are between iOS and Windows 10, which are many. Thanks to the Windows Store, we can finally forget about the annoying Apple Software Update , which personally I consider a great advantage. In addition, this means that it can also be used in the recently announced Windows 10 S. Thus, Apple grants Microsoft a favor that will favor the giant not only for the program itself, but for the news (like this) that will raise by the simple Made from being an Apple program.

Source | Microsoft

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