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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Let Siri save your life like these lucky ones.

Siri, Apple's virtual assistant became its launch with the iPhone 4S in a veritable revolution in productivity. For the first time, you could talk (in a limited way, yes) with your phone to accomplish all kinds of tasks . Over time, the assistant is not as innovative as he was at the beginning, and now has a hard time keeping up with his rivals, however, it is unlikely that the competition has achieved a function as the Which we show you today . The ability to save lives.

That's right, Siri is perfectly capable of helping you to survive in those harsh moments in the nor can you even reach your phone. For example, this week we have the story of three fishermen from the south coast of Florida, who were in serious trouble during the development of their work due to strong waves. Luckily, Siri managed to change his fate, allowing them to quickly contact emergencies with the "Hey Siri" function.

Give Siri a chance to be always available

Another really shocking story, though with a happy ending thanks to Apple's assistant, was that of a four-year-old British boy. A few months ago, this boy's mother fainted and stopped breathing, but thanks to "Hey Siri", the little one was able to request an ambulance . As you see, Siri has become a heroine to many people around the world, and at any moment, could become ours.

Therefore, to ensure that you are always ready to receive our orders, we must check that the "Hey Siri" function is activated . To this end, we will enter the Settings app, where we will select the section dedicated to Siri . Once there, we must choose the option "Allow Siri" , which, if it is being activated for the first time, will ask for some small recordings that will help you recognize our voice at all times. Thus, Siri is always at our disposal.

And you, you already use this function? What do you think of the stories?

Source | IDropNews

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