Mexico will force all smarpthones to have FM radio, what will happen to the iPhone? -


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Friday, 12 May 2017

Mexico will force all smarpthones to have FM radio, what will happen to the iPhone?

As we all know, all iPhone have an FM Radio antenna to be used as a connection antenna and is not activated by Apple to use it as such (FM Radio). However, this is something that could change.

Ajit Pai , a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, believes that both the iPhone and all smart devices should bring integrated FM Radio security issues .

Pai believes that, for example, in adverse weather situations where the Internet connection may fail and do not inform citizens in a timely or correct manner, FM radio is a fast , reliable source of information without Internet connection .

Despite the perceived importance that Ajit Pai believes has the inclusion of FM radio in devices such as the iPhone, have ensured that one will force any company , including Apple, to the activation of the FM chip. According to Pai, in Mexico 80% of the devices have the FM chip activated.

IFT Mexico will force smartphones to have FM radio

On the other hand, according to FayerWayer , the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) will require all smart devices to have FM radio as support and take some measures to favorably balance some telecommunication sectors.

Then, smartphone manufacturers will have three months to activate the integrated FM radio receiver chip in the devices. Although if the hardware does not have the FM chip, the manufacturer will not be obliged to build it in that device, as stated in the decree:

In case the device has all the components that allow to offer the functionality of sound broadcast receiver in Modulated Frequency since its manufacture, it must be enabled and activated for the user, in such a way that there is no blocking or restriction for its funtionability.

Apparently streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music are to blame for the impact on the sector and this would be the measure to support radio stations.

Apple believes FM radio is outdated

We all know how Apple thinks and always looks ahead . That is why they believe that FM radio is an obsolete system where the information transmitted is not enough and they rely on listening to the radio through the Internet because, according to Apple, the audio quality is higher and, moreover, has more Information such as playlists, programming of the day, etc., as they say in applesfera

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