New filtration of the iPhone 8 reveals information of its dimensions + Renders

There are many rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 that Apple will launch this year; From a double double camera placed vertically to a Touch iD in the back. Today has filtered a scheme and a back protector that confirms some details
Apple is focusing on the production of the iPhone 8 for its early presentation and have already leaked many rumors
It is believed that the device will have double rear camera placed vertically, however, it is not known if the Touch iD will be inside the screen, in the rear, or, where it has always been

What is the rumor and the new leak of the iPhone 8?

This new leak has been published by iDropNews and indicate the dimensions or size of the iPhone 8. According to the report the iPhone 8 will have an average size between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus

Dimensions of the iPhone 8 according to the new filtration of the iPhone 8

Apparently, the workers of the company know these details, in fact, in the same report is made an appointment of them. The dimensions of the iPhone 8 will be as follows: 143.59 high x 70.94 wide x 7.57 mm thick. Please note that the measures of the iPhone 7 are as follows: 138.3 high x 67.1 wide x 7.1 mm thick. The iPhone 7 Plus has the following dimensions: 158.2 high x 77.9 wide x 7.3 mm thick. You can visualize that the iPhone 8 would be thicker than the iPhone 7 Plus

Weight of the iPhone 8 according to the new filtration of the iPhone 8

It is not known exactly how much the weight of the iPhone 8 but to be thicker and heavier than the iPhone 7 should be heavier although it should not necessarily be so. The weight of the iPhone 7 is 138 grams and the iPhone 7 Plus is 188 grams

IPhone 8 Renders According to New iPhone 8 Filtration

IDropNews was in charge of making some renders to give a better idea with the rumor. One of the details is that its design on the screen (without bezels) makes it look bigger but with the same size as the iPhone 7
Below will be presented the renders of idropnews so you have an idea of ​​how the design of the iPhone 8 could be in case this rumor is 100% real

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