New information from the LG V30 is filtered thanks to Evan Blass -


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Sunday, 28 May 2017

New information from the LG V30 is filtered thanks to Evan Blass

Google plans to launch a new terminal, whose name is the LG V30 . Google is expected to release the new devices later this year. The announcement was made officially in the I / O 2017 of a few days ago.

On this occasion, we will mention all the rumors, schematics, molds and features that relate to what could be the next LG V30   Which will be presented very soon. Google may be betting a lot on the features of the device, this implies that users expect a good performance of the same, especially when there is enough competition between the high-end smartphones of different brands

About the leaks of the LG V30 filtered by Evan Blass

Although Google announced the terminal a few days ago, it has managed to filter some details of this terminal. Although the company tries to hide any kind of leakage of future releases, some employees and clients of Google find it difficult to keep silent. Apparently, device leaks are difficult to hide when the company has a giant number of workers, departments and customers who work together on the same project, an example of this are the Apple IPHONE 8 FILTRATIONS before being presented

Who is Evan Blass and how does it relate to the LG V30?

Evan Blass is a Twitter user with more than 350,000 followers. He is a reporter but specializes in publishing smartphone leaks of some recognized companies, as is the case of the LG V30 Google. It is not known if the leakage of the LG V30 is true or not, nor is it known where it comes from its leak but the truth is that it is recognized by several people for their work and leaks

Blass mentioned the following in his tweet: "This is an old model of the Joan project, also known as the LG V30. It is not clear if the project is going in this direction. " His words can be interpreted in many ways but perhaps it refers to the little possibility that Google maintains the development of the LG V30.

About the LG V30

First of all it should be mentioned that the features of the device are unknown, its functions should be better to its previous model which is the V20. There are no official smartphone images, there is no official news, the only thing that is known about the phone is that Google has it as a new project that may have been forgotten.

In case the device is launched in the future, it is speculated that LG will be the first device with OLED screen, it is also said that the company planned to include a second screen to project information such as time, time, and so on.

As has been said before the reality of the LG V30 is still unclear. It is advisable to wait for new news about this terminal to know more details like its features, functions, design and much more

Concept of the LG V30 by Google

The following images represent a concept of the terminal, that is, they are not official, in fact it is very possible that it has been created by some expert in the matter:

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