New Outline of the iPhone 8 unveil its front and back design -


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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

New Outline of the iPhone 8 unveil its front and back design

There are many rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 that Apple will launch this year; From a double double camera placed vertically to a Touch iD in the back. Today has filtered a scheme and a back protector that confirms some details

Apple is focusing on the production of the iPhone 8 for its early presentation and have already leaked many rumors

It is believed that the device will have double rear camera placed vertically, however, it is not known if the Touch iD will be inside the screen, in the rear, or, where it has always been

What are the most important rumors to keep in mind?
In this ITEM has been mentioned of a case that supposes some characteristics of the back of the iPhone 8
According to rumors, and is almost certain, the rear camera of the iPhone 8 will be placed vertically
It was also believed that the Home button will be just below the logo, this is still not safe as it could be integrated into the screen
There are many expectations of the launch of several models but it is not yet clear

What are the details of this scheme and what is special about it?

An orange outline shows the iPhone 8 screen which will be OLED and without bevel

You will have a cutout to separate the panels from the screen

Circle in the back would be the Apple logo, fingerprint detector or wireless charging location (not yet known)

What other rumors do you have about the iPhone 8?

  • The screen will not have bevels
  • OLED Display
  • In-screen fingerprint detector (not secure)
  • It will be released alongside the iPhone 7S and 7S +
  • Inductive load compatible
  • Design similar to iPhone 4 / 4S (as far as material is concerned)
  • Front camera below the screen (does not match the diagram)

Outline of iPhone 8 filtered

Below is the filtered scheme of the iPhone 8. The back and front are evident. We must remember that this new scheme is based on the rumors that are known of the device but we must keep in mind that until the iPhone 8 is not officially presented these schemes will remain just rumors

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