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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Real images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Samsung plans to launch a new terminal, whose name is the Galaxy Note 7R . Next week, Samsung should report its new smartphone. The previous model of this line was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 whose worldwide chaos was so great that Samsung had to remove it from the market.

On this occasion, we will mention all the rumors, schemes, molds and features that relate to what could be the next Samsung that will be presented soon.

Samsung may be betting heavily on the features of the device, this implies that users expect a good performance of the device and that the problems of its previous model have been solved.

About the new filtered image of the front and back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

It can be seen that the filtered device has a large screen size and the Samsung brand is well pronounced. The design is very similar to its previous model. It can be seen in the filtration that has an "R" in the lower back corner of its rear. This is not a concept but a photo that has been taken to the smartphone.

About Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

The Galaxy Note 7R will be commercialized in South Korea and then expanded in other countries around the world. In China will be marketed with the name "Samsung Galaxy Note 7R". Reports indicate that the smartphone will be sold in other countries such as Galaxy Note FE. FE would be the acronym for Fandom Edition (Fnadom Edition)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 contained a small battery of 3500 mAh that was compressed a lot and caused it to fail and present overheating on large scales. The battery of the Samgun Galaxy Note 7R will be 3200 mAh whose power will be through the chip Exynos 8890 (SoC) which is to solve the problem of the previous model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Features and Price

Features :

Its Operating System will be the Android 7.0 Nougat
Ram memory will be 4 Gb
Internal storage of 64 Gb with capacity to expand up to 256 Gb


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a cost of $ 870. It has been thought that the initial price of the Galaxy Note 7R will be $ 600. Now it is believed that the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R will be 440 dollars

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales vs. Galaxy Note 7R sales expectations

Samsung had to suspend the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to its major factory failure. Some airlines even banned flights to users with Galaxies Note 7. It is said that Samsung lost between one billion and five billion dollars for the big crash. Samsung sold more than two million Galaxies Note 7 in one year. The company wants to sell 300,000 Galaxies 7R to try to recover losses from previous sales.

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R will be announced or presented before the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its function will be to recover the losses caused by the factory problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Will Samsung be able to solve what happened?

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