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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Revealed the secret of "the impossible" design of iPhone 8

The iPhone 8, as they write in the media, is characterized by "the impossible" design: the computer must have the screen from end to end ", but under the glass should be and a scanner of huel The Touch ID fingerprint and a front camera. Actually, this is not exactly so.

According to Forbes magazine, the new generation of Apple smartphones will lack a frame around the screen, however, the front camera is not on the glass. The video module for the iPhone 8 will be part of a special area at the top of the screen, to the right and left of which will be shown the date, signal level, battery charge and other information .

When this special "functional area", located at the bottom of the front panel of the smartphone with the below the fingerprint scanner screen something to remember the Touch Bar panel in MacBook Pro laptops, where the top row of Keys and the Power button replaced by sensory, stripe and biometric module.

The reporter, who works at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), this week confirmed that the iPhone 8 will not be deprived of the Home key. The possibility of recognition of the fingerprint has been counted with the help of an optical fingerprint scanner.

The aspect ratio of the screen on the new iPhone changes from 16: 9 to 18.5: 9. It is also known that Apple uses invisible infrared imaging devices, which should improve the functionality of the camera, and will be used to run augmented reality applications.

Lately on the internet просочилось a huge amount of rumors about what the presentation of the iPhone 8 may persist for several months. At the same time, a number of sources talk about September launch news.

This week the well-known such, youngster Гескин reported that the announcement of the iPhone 8 will be held on September 17, to the sales of new products will begin on the 25th of the same month. However, it is worth noting that September 17 is Sunday, and before "giant apple" never attended the presentation of their gadgets at the weekend.

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