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Thursday, 25 May 2017

"Russian Technologies" will create Skype national analogue without internet access

The joint venture "rostelecom" and "Росэлектроники", a subsidiary of the structure of the state corporation "Russian technologies" conducts the national development of Skype analog, works without internet connection. Messenger will be combining telephony, video calls, in Of text messages and files. On this he reports "interfax" with reference to the representative of the "Росэлектроники".

As noted in the company, the main messenger difference in the fact that he has no internet access and can not be deciphered by hackers or foreign intelligence services.

The program combines chat and telephony capabilities: it works like file sharing, which allows you to communicate by text messages, video and voice calls. All the information stays inside the network, just as the system does not imply access to the internet.

"Recent hacking attacks have demonstrated the vulnerability of most information systems in foreign production. In contrast, we create national IT and telecommunications-food that ensures that they do not contain "favorites" and well protected from unauthorized interference from outside, "said the deputy head of the" Росэлектроники "arsenio Брыкин.

In the elaboration it uses the messenger of the company "Оммджи tehnolodzhi" OMMG, the video and audio service of the company "Mind" and software-hardware company structure "bulat", which unites the multipoint conference server and the professional team.

The project will be completed before the end of 2017, and is expected to be put into commercial exploitation. The presentation of the details of the project will take place in tatarstan of the conference "Digital industry of the Russian industrial-2017".

Another design that announces "Russian technologies" will become the system of recognition of people through biometric data - fingerprints, iris of the eye and the image of the person - she will identify the people. The system can be controlled will be through a remote access to a computer, but in the long run - through the smart phones and the "smart" clock. Developers do not exclude that in the future it can be used for surveillance and security systems.

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