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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus: the final race

Apple vs. Samsung. Samsung vs. Apple. The war that seems to never end, as my colleagues at Andro4all say , is at a point where both companies have become the most powerful in the market. Today, with the help of Urban Techno , we face them on the battlefield.

We are not mistaken if we say that both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 Plus are the smartphones representing today, each with its different bets, advantages and disadvantages. It's time to gut both terminals and see which comes out better, if the iPhone 7 Plus that has more than half a year in the market, or Galaxy S8 that only takes a month.


Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S8 against the iPhone 7 Plus in aspects of design is like comparing the Galaxy S8 against the iPhone 6 Plus , device for 3 and a half years, time that Apple takes without showing new features in the design of its main device: the Iphone.

Leaving this aside, if we have both terminals in hand, it is hard to imagine that the screen of the S8 (5.8 inches) is superior to that of the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inches). The Galaxy S8 is smaller than the iPhone despite having a larger screen . This is thanks to the good work of Samsung, who has managed to take very good advantage of this aspect ratio. Jan

The materials of manufacture are also different. While the iPhone is anodized aluminum, the Galaxy S8 features an aluminum chassis and a curved tempered glass back , offering a very good feel at hand. Although I have to say that I do not finish convincing as it seems rather dirtier than the material of the iPhone.


Although we have already mentioned something slightly about it, let's go deeper. Both have a screen with the best quality on the market, although different in terms of technology.

For its part, the Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 5.8-inch QuadHD + AMOLED screen and curves on both sides . It is not the first time we see a curved screen in the devices of Samsung, its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 Edge also had it and had some other problem: phantom pulsations, reflections, etc. Aesthetically it's spectacular, but in terms of functionality it still leaves a lot to be desired .

While the iPhone 7 Plus bets on an IPS LCD panel with Retina technology . This makes the colors offered by this panel are much more real and brighter than in the case of Galaxy S8.


To this day it is very difficult to find a smartphone with a good battery. Both devices are at the top of the market today and none stands out in this respect.

On the one hand, Samsung has reduced the capacity of its battery compared to the s7 edge up to 3000 mAh . It is very risky to ensure the duration of this as each user is a world, however, and approaching, we can say that with normal use you will reach the end of the day with 20%. In addition the S8 has the technology of fast load that offers a plus in this aspect.

The iPhone 7 Plus still has a lower capacity battery than the Galaxy S8, thanks to the optimization of the software, to its screen with lower resolution and its smaller size of this, results in a longer battery life . Although on the contrary, the iPhone does not have any fast charging technology, which we hope will change with the iPhone 8 .


Here is a photo gallery of the video comparison. To the left the Samsung Galaxy S8 and to the right the iPhone 7 Plus . There are not all the photos, so likewise I recommend watching the video to see them all and compare more accurately by yourself.

In the section of the camera both terminals are two heavy weights. The camera is one of the best aspects in both devices , but again bet on taking different paths.

In the case of the Galaxy S8 in its main camera we find a sensor of 12 megapixels with a focal aperture of 1.7 (f / 1.7) . As for specs we do not see a big improvement over the s7 edge, still this S8 will deliver amazing results in his photographs. While the iPhone 7 Plus has a dual camera also 12 megapixels and a 1.8 (f / 1.8) focal aperture .

In photos with low light the Galaxy S8 comes out better , however, in the rest of photos we hardly notice differences, although I would say that the bokeh mode of the iPhone 7 Plus is better achieved . As for the video, both record great videos, although perhaps the iPhone 7 Plus, again, is a little above the S8 thanks to its stabilization.

Software and Performance

Choose the one you choose when buying one of the two, the decision will be successful. Both respond to perfection and the differences between them are virtually invaluable. Although that yes, the iPhone 7 Plus comes out somewhat better thanks to the management that makes iOS of the RAM . I must also say that Samsung is doing better every time with TouchWiz and this has nothing to do with what it was before. There is hardly any lag.

The Galaxy S8 features Android Nougat and the iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10 . In this aspect is more a matter of taste: iOS or Android?


Having said all this, and as a conclusion, it is clear that both are great terminals and purchase options. Where one flakes the other is strong , which leads us to say that you choose the one you like the most, where strengths for you have been victorious.

Conclusion? If you are looking for a terminal with good autonomy, performance and software the iPhone 7 Plus is yours. While if you are looking for a device with good design, screen and camera the Galaxy S8 is yours.

Well, which one do you stay with? Tell us your impressions in the comments section .

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