Samsung will launch a book on the history of a failure of the Galaxy Note 7 -


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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Samsung will launch a book on the history of a failure of the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung intends to launch a "white paper", in which it describes in detail the history of failure of its smartphone Galaxy Note 7. About this informs the edition of The Investor.

About the staff book of the research and development division, representatives of Samsung and Samsung SDI, as well as members of the new quality control and security team, which formed after the scandal with the Galaxy Note 7.

The book talked about what caused the Debacle, from the design stage, manufacturing and testing unit, to sales, marketing and removal of the device. Details of all fire cases for smartphones will be revealed.

"The White Paper" will be distributed among a limited number of senior managers' staff. It is not ruled out that it finally appears on the Net.

Recall Galaxy smartphone review Galaxy Note 7 took place in the fall of 2016, went unprecedented in its magnitude for Samsung. As is clear from the investigation, causes of fire and explosion of steel smartphones of the batteries, specifically in the margin of error at the time of manufacture and problems with the assembly process.

At this time, Samsung prepares to launch reclaimed model Galaxy Note 7. These devices receive special label in the body of the letter R, pointing to the word Refurbished.

It is assumed that the recovered, smart phones can be called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R or Samsung Galaxy Note7 Fandom Edition, however, the official statement until it was not.

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