Sapphire displays its own external graphics adapter connected via Thunderbolt 3 -


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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Sapphire displays its own external graphics adapter connected via Thunderbolt 3

Sapphire has unveiled its new external graphics adapter that makes use of Thunderbolt 3 . This has happened at his post at Computex 2017 that is taking place right now in Asia.

This adapter would only have to be connected to the Thunderbolt 3 port of our laptop . It allows connections up to 40 GB per second and dual support for 4K to 60Hz . In addition it has uploading capabilities, USB support and even DisplayPort interfaces .

Currently these types of adapters are the best alternatives for laptop users. Usually a person who wants a laptop is looking for mobility. Most laptops that bring great power or at least a good GPU are usually heavy and larger, especially the issue of ventilation. With these docks solves part of the problem, since you can use the laptop outside and when you reach your home connect it to have more power.

Sapphire brings us its own external graphics box that makes use of Thunderbolt 3

For what they say makes use of an SFF power supply , although we do not know if this source is included inside the chassis or if it will be independent. What we do see is that it has dual slot for high performance graphics cards . On the side has a grid that facilitates the flow of air, allowing the GPU to draw fresh air from the outside. It looks like an Ethernet port and 2 USB 3.0 ports . The latter means that it can function as a hub or as a charging device.

If we stop for a moment to see your design we will end up delighted. Fully disclaims what we are accustomed to regarding technology "Gamer". Uses the colors black and white with sobriety and without pretensions. Besides its rounded design and its soft led lighting seems to me the most accurate.

For now, nothing has been mentioned about its price or date of departure. In spite of this it is expected to leave sooner rather than later . If we speculate about its price we see that the vast majority of similar devices are at least € 300. In spite of this if something for something highlights Sapphire besides its quality is its good price. Knowing this it would not be surprising that this dock did not exceed 200 € .

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