Since the iPhone 8 with this feature do not even deny fans of Android [video]

Everyone who has seen in it lack of funds, at least once reflected on what more to write these more money and therefore completely close the financial question. Perhaps, the future iPhone will help solve this problem. At least in this insurance, the creators of YouTube-ConceptsiPhone project.

The designers have prepared the iPhone smartphone concept of 8, the main feature that in addition to "безрамочного" the Screen is the money printing function. The device is equipped with integrated printer for the manufacture of banknotes. To obtain cash, the holder of the guarantee sufficient to confirm their identity assistance integrated into the screen of the fingerprint scanner, and after a few moments, the iPhone is manufactured by the ticket.

Will take place if verification of the authenticity of printed on the iPhone 8 dollars, unspecified. The author of the idea - Italian programmer michael Макроски.

The artist himself, to the word, acknowledges that even in the theory of creating money with his hands - this is not only impossible, it is illegal.

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