Some models of Macbooks and iPhones will lose Apple support in late June -


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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Some models of Macbooks and iPhones will lose Apple support in late June

Apple is one of the companies that frequently update devices frequently

As well as updating the newer devices, discontinued the oldest

We have previously talked about how you have discontinued your products ...

In this case, Apple intends to stop supporting some of its devices

Just as Apple has discontinued the first iPhones and the older ones, it also stops providing support
Now think of leaving the support for a list of macbooks and iPhones

What does it mean that a device loses official support with the company?

When devices lose official support, Apple does not repair or replace them. If you buy an iPhone and the warranty loses its validity, you will not be able to opt for the official support (if the model is very old)
Often the official support helps us repair a device or Apple is responsible for changing it for a new one, without the support mentioned above is not possible

Which devices will not be supported after June 30?

According to an internal document Apple will stop giving official support to the following devices:

  • Macbook Air (11 and 13 inches, mid 2011)
  • Macbook Pro ()
  • Airport Express
  • IPhone

What devices will become obsolete and how is Apple support?

After a device goes from an old to an obsolete state, the company stops providing technical support. Apple goes from old to obsolete after 5-7 years

Most obsolete devices are those whose launch date is between 2008 and 2010. Some models of Macbook Air are in that period of transition

Apple does not notify its customers when devices move from an old to obsolete state, which they should consider

In Turkey and California, Apple offers two additional years of support after they go from old to obsolete

When is a device discontinued and how does it affect Apple support?

When Apple discontinues its devices means that they will not produce or market products that fall into that category, as was the case of the iPad Mini as mentioned in THIS ARTICLE

What will be the next iPad that Apple will announce?

It is believed that Apple is preparing the presentation of a Pro iPad "2" 10.9 inches
The new iPad Pro would be unveiled in June at WWDC 2017

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