Stealing your iPhone has never been so easy thanks to Siri -


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Monday, 29 May 2017

Stealing your iPhone has never been so easy thanks to Siri

It is not the first time Siri, Apple's virtual assistant for their iPhone, iPad and computers brings out the company's apple bite colors in security. And is that if months ago we discovered the huge amount of information that could be taken from Siri simply by asking a blocked terminal , today we know a bug that would disable the mobile data of an iPhone.

Today, our use of smartphones is such that when we steal or lose our beloved iPhone, the value of the terminal itself is as important as the information we have stored in it . Therefore, remember that it is vital that you make periodic backups, have activated Search my iPhone and follow our security guide for a moment as unpleasant as theft or loss of an iPhone .

Sometimes it does not matter if we have super complicated passwords or Touch ID because security breaches are in the most unexpected places. For example in Siri, which is able to disable mobile data even while the iPhone is locked and protected by an access code. You can imagine how important this bug is when we steal the iPhone because without data, it can no longer be located. And is that Siri will be more intelligent, but still as innocent as the first day .

This is how the Siri security bug works

As you know, among the long list of commands we can give Siri is to disable numerous functions is to activate the Wi-Fi or for example, mobile data, which is very useful if we have busy hands. However, if your iPhone has a security lock turned on in Search my iPhone after being stolen or lost , in theory you should not allow it.

Unfortunately, even if you tell Siri "Mobile Data", Siri will allow us to access a toggle so that we can deactivate this mobile data in a matter of seconds and completely lose track of our beloved iPhone.

We assume that Apple will take up the issue and solve this important security problem as soon as possible, but for the moment the only thing we can do to be aware is to disable access to both Siri and the iPhone Control Center from the screen Lock in their respective Terminal Settings sections.

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