The back cover of the iPhone SE 2017 will be made of Ion-X crystal -


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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The back cover of the iPhone SE 2017 will be made of Ion-X crystal

Today we were pointing towards a new leak with some images that showed us a iPhone of 2017 with a back cover of glass that gave a spectacular glossy finish.

And now, a social network belonging to China's Sina Weibo platform has begun sharing new photographs of the 2017 iPhone indicating that the glass of its casing will be of the type Ion-X , a material that was already present in the Apple Watch.

From the publication that has circulated this filtration ensure that this material will be employed in a iPhone SE of 2017 and not for the iPhone 8 which is expected to also have a casing made of glass. The current SE iPhone has an aluminum back with small glass panels.

The iPhone SE of 2017 would have an individual camera

The filtered picture of this supposed iPhone SE of 2017 shows us a very bright rear Ion-X crystal case and a single individual camera , ruling out the fact that it is the rumored iPhone 8 with dual vertical camera .

But there is something even more interesting in the picture, and it seems that the camera does not have a protrusion around its circular hole, but the camera would be integrated under the Ion-X glass panel.

IPhone Edition, iPhone SE or iPhone 8?

For now, the new special edition terminal to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone is surrounded by a halo of mystery and uncertainty. We do not know much about the next-gen smartphone from the Cupertino firm. To begin with, we do not know what their nomenclature will be.

Some speculate that Apple may simply call it "iPhone", others say it will be called "iPhone 8", others opt for the "iPhone Edition" nomenclature and now with this rumor return the mentions to a new iPhone SE of 2017.

Be that as it may, and this is a mere personal conjecture , we might just be witnessing the iPhone 7s . It has been speculated that this model will have a single camera, while the iPhone 7s Plus will have a dual camera.

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