The first iPhone remains the toughest of all -


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Saturday, 27 May 2017

The first iPhone remains the toughest of all

Ten years. Ten long years since Apple broke into the telephony scene by switching everything from the base with its iPhone . It was the birth of a new era , that of smartphones, in which we find ourselves fully immersed. Of course, he did not leave anyone indifferent: either you love him, or you hate him.

This 2017 is 10 years and Apple wants to launch a commemorative iPhone , which will be called iPhone X, or iPhone Edition or iPhone 8. We do not know very well its name, but we know that it will have a borderless screen with OLED technology and the integrated Home button , Inductive wireless charging, dual camera, 3D sensor on your front camera, augmented reality ... a number of light-year features of the original iPhone .

Many things have changed, but the essence remains the same . In the section of design we saw recently how the iPhone have been transformed, stylized, growing ... The same can be said of finishes and materials: from shiny plastic we have been sailing to metals such as aluminum or glass.

But I do not want to fool you, there is something in which the original iPhone is still the absolute king: hardness . How do we know? Because we have had the opportunity to see it from the hand of a popular Youtuber called JerryRigEverything that has done something that we are all passionate about: submitting an old iPhone to a myriad of tests with the aim of reducing it to pieces. But the original iPhone is the hardest guy in the West with permission from Clint Eastwood.

Scratches with a screwdriver, a cutter, exposure to the fire of a cigarette lighter ... of course its hardness is surprising, more than anything because the original iPhone has enough plastic and a more flimsy than the current . That yes, shares something with the current iPhone: 10 years later still going as fluid.

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