The Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished will be called Note 7R -


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Friday, 12 May 2017

The Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished will be called Note 7R

Samsung has already told us that the Sasmung Galaxy Note 7 would go back to the market after last year 's fiasco . What we had not yet known is neither the name and the possible differentiation of the reconditioned model of the original and its price. Today we are out of doubt and we know that the new Galaxy note 7 will be called Note 7R. As for the price, although we had heard rumors that the terminal could sell for about 600 euros, we know that it will be very cheap and almost irresistible.

Recall that the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was 870 euros. If the reduction of the original price already seemed important when talking about that Note 7R would hit the market for 600 euros, now, it seems that it will still be cheaper, the price becomes almost irresistible. We would be talking about a price of 440 euros.

Is it worth the Note 7R for 440 euros?

The question is whether it is worth paying 440 euros for a terminal with a couple of details that are not unattractive. By the time the terminal hits the market, in a few weeks still, it will have to take into account that it will be more than 6 months from its end there by the end of 2016. And another detail, not least, is that we are talking about terminals Reconditioned. While it is true that it will arrive with full warranty as if they were new, the terminal is still an old terminal with a reconditioning process.

Would you be willing to pay 440 euros for a terminal last year that has been reconditioned? For a terminal that perhaps now, by this time of 2017, would have a very similar price of having continued to sell normally. As we say, the restored unit is expected to be called Galaxy Note 7R, and will feature a 3200mAh battery , smaller than the 3500mAh battery in the original phone. On the other hand, the smartphone will feature Android 7.0 Nougat. The rest of the specifications will be the same as the original model.

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