The iPhone 8 will get half the ram than the Galaxy Note 8 -


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Sunday, 28 May 2017

The iPhone 8 will get half the ram than the Galaxy Note 8

Apple's flagship smartphone from the 2017 show, which featured rumors under the names of iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone Edition, will not get 4gb of ram. About this informs TechRadar with reference to informed sources. When in the new флагманском smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the amount of ram was increased to 6 gb.

From the information of a connoisseur, the new iPhone 8 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus have 3GB of ram, and 4.7 Inch iPhone 7s - 2 gb. The increase in the amount of memory of Apple smartphones is worth waiting for, only in the year 2018.

In the issue explain why Apple has decided to keep the amount of ram on their smartphones. First, the optimization of the iOS operating system allows a comfortable device to work with 3 gb of ram. Apple has increased the amount of memory up to 4 gb only in the iPad Pro, which is intended to solve the most demanding problems to the resources of the task.

Secondly, the prices of the ram modules for mobile devices have increased considerably. If Apple оснастит iPhone 8 a large capacity operativki, you will have to significantly increase the cost of gadgets, or leave your previous, but go to a drop in profits. None of the options for the company is not appropriate.

The increase in prices of RAM modules also affected other producers as they were more moderate. Thus, Samsung in its exclusive Galaxy S8 smartphones and the Galaxy S8 + decided to limit itself to 4 gb of ram. But in the event that the future flagship of the Galaxy Note 8, the company bets on technical specifications, so the novelty will receive twice as much ram than a competitor of the "apple" of a giant.

In the Android ecosystem boosting the amount of ram is produced by a user of the demand and performance problems of the devices that explains the open architecture of the software platform more demanding to features and has the property to slow down after of a while.

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