The next update of Windows 10 will improve its integration with the iPhone -


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Friday, 12 May 2017

The next update of Windows 10 will improve its integration with the iPhone

As we have said before, Apple and Microsoft maintain a rivalry that, no matter how much fans want to deny it, is completely healthy for both. Aside from some frictions that have, like all companies competing with each other, each year is improving their relationship, and users can appreciate it with increasingly curious actions by the two companies .

Today, for example, has announced the arrival of iTunes, Apple's well-known content manager, to the Windows Store . This, has caught us by surprise to the majority, but I do not think that was the most interesting point of the conference. Yes, it is true that many thought that iTunes would disappear before they even considered the idea of ​​entering the Windows Store, but I think it is more curious the level of integration that Microsoft is achieving with Apple devices.

Windows 10 and iOS, working in unison to improve your life

A few hours ago, we were able to see the second conference of the conference of Microsoft Build for developers. In it, we have been able to see the next Windows 10 news, and believe me if I tell you that many of you will like it. You may hear the names of Handoff and Continuity, the systems that allow us to change devices quickly maintaining the work we have done already. Well, Microsoft Graph will allow you to do something similar with computers with Windows 10 .

Cortana will help you quickly open programs that we have spent time on the PC directly on iOS or vice versa . In addition, we can check what we were doing at a certain time and recover it thanks to the Timeline function. These features, among others, will be nourished by a strong integration between our Windows 10 PC and Microsoft iOS apps . The pity is, we will have to wait a few months to try it, as it is not yet available for the Windows Insider testing program. Either way, the future of Windows 10 looks great, and maybe it's thanks to Apple.

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