The operating system "Axis" -


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Saturday, 27 May 2017

The operating system "Axis"

Sa "national information center" is a subsidiary of the state corporation "Russian technologies" - presented protected by the operating system, which is designed to work with data that are state secret. Presentation of the operating system took place the conference "Digital industry of the Russian industrial - 2017".

The system, created on the basis of Linux, received the name of "Axis". As reported by the expert of this center pablo osipov, ecosystem based on this Operating system in the near future should replace Western counterparts. And this must be a complete product, which does not yield for quality. Now the center has already started pilot projects with potential clients.

The "Axis" operating system is POSIX compatible with the platform and is designed for use as an operating system for computers with x86_64 architecture. The operating system supports the user experience in both command line mode and GUI mode. The main purpose of "Axis" - the management of computer resources and computational processes using these resources.

The hallmark of "Axis" developers have called the possibility of third-party software integration, in particular created for MS Windows. This is very important for "smooth migration in the application".

Osipov in his speech pointed out that "despite the constant system of support to import substitution ON similar domestic producers, the most important task that must continue to be the creation of quality products and solutions aimed at the most stringent standards Of user requests, as well as the more comfortable guarantee the transition process in our decisions and further technical support. "

The "axis" can be used in data centers, servers and client workstations. The operating system is currently being tested on Минкомсвязи of the Russian federation. Requested their registration in the national registry of software companies filed in April this year.

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