The rule comes to Whatsapp with an emoji for when you are in those days -


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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The rule comes to Whatsapp with an emoji for when you are in those days

What's the smell of clouds? What do the things that do not smell smell like? If you, like me, have ever remembered those mythical phrases while you were twisting in ovarian pain, today we bring you an emoji that will delight many women. The easiest way to express joy, sadness, joy, sadness, joy, sadness, madness, joy, sadness, joy and sadness in a single emoji: the rule emoji .

And is that in the XXI century, to have the rule is still a taboo. In fact, 90% of girls in Ghana are ashamed of it. But we can move closer: in the UK 64% of women feel uncomfortable talking about these things with men. So to break the taboo, the NGO Plan International plans to ask WhatsApp a series of icons for this purpose. If there are icons for redheads , clowns or avocado lovers, why not an emoji for the rule?

Of course, this is an original way of normalizing something normal that we endured women an average of 3,000 days of our life . There is nothing. Because we do not fool ourselves, emoji and GIF are a simpler and more effective form of communication to convey our feelings in apps where written messages can lead to misunderstandings.

So the NGO has made up to 5 proposals that can be voted online on your website or followed on Twitter using the #periodemoji hashtag. The winner of the voting will be the one chosen to go to the Unicode Consortium to request that it be integrated into the most popular messaging app on the planet and soon in other apps such as iMessage. For now, we have only to wait and vote.

Via | The independent

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