The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would return to life at half its original price -


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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would return to life at half its original price

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be sold shortly after reconditioning. At a discounted price that could be placed in the middle of the original.

The Samsung Galaxy note 7 soap opera is about to add a new chapter with the next release of the "reconditioned" version. We know that Samsung plans to put it up for sale in select countries beginning with its native Korea, and other details are also coming to the fore as long as they remain in the realm of rumors. New denomination and possible sale price.

The new smartphone would be called Samsung Galaxy Note 7R . With the final "R" it would allude to "refurbished" or reconditioned in English. In this way it would be understood that this is the new version and that this is safe: would have a smaller battery solving the problem of deflagrations.

3 200 mAh battery and a price that could be cut in half

Along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R of its denomination we also know the data of its battery: from 3 500 mAh to 3 200 . Smaller capacity that would reduce the size of the battery to be housed in the internal space without complications. This would avoid the risk of a short circuit that caused the original smartphone to be removed.

It was logical that, despite the fact that the mobile has high-end hardware, Samsung had to sell the Refurbished Note 7 at a lower price . The maker still does not give the official figure, but in The Investor, a half Korean accredited, say that the cut would reach half the original price . This would make the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R a real bargain; As long as customers overcome the fear of the device.

The original Note 7 cost 859 euros; The Note 7R could be around 450 euros
Samsung would have made to the "new" mobile all the security reviews so that to get rid of all the stock does not involve problems neither to its owners nor to the own company. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R will start selling next month or late May , about 3 months before the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 appears.

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