The WhatsApp beta includes many new features ... and then removes them -


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Sunday, 14 May 2017

The WhatsApp beta includes many new features ... and then removes them

We have tested the latest WhatsAp beta looking for new real-time location options and undoing message sending.

This is possibly the week we talked about most of WhatsApp, due to the updates that are occurring but also to the rumors that tell us what the new features will be. In this case two have been the features that have been seen in version 2.17.184 beta , both already known but have not yet arrived in a general way.

The first is the option to undo the sending of a message , a possibility in which the company has been working for some time and a few days ago created a great stir but has not yet been able to prove. However this option does not really undo the sending, but it does show the interface, although it was activated by default.

The second is the activation of the tracking of contacts in real time thanks to the use of GPS, something that we had also talked about. In this case we would have to have root to be able to test it, and use WATweaks.

WhatsApp 2.17.184 beta and 2.17.185 beta

La beta de WhatsApp incluye muchas novedades... y luego las elimina Both innovations were available in the beta version with number 2.17.184 and in WhatsAppBetaInfo have been able to prove it as you see in the images. That would indicate that in a few weeks would reach the stable version, something very interesting.

The issue is that a few hours after that information has been released version 2.17.185 beta in the Google Play Store, which is now available to those who are discharged in this program.

We have tried it and those options are gone. Well, we will go to the APK of the previous version, something we have done sometimes. What has been our surprise when the system warns us that the APK is damaged and can not be installed.

It seems that we have a short time to see these new features implemented at least in the beta for all, and when we do, we will try them out and tell you our impressions.

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