These are the two devices that we would see in WWDC 2017

Next June 5th will be the inaugural keynote of WWDC 2017 , an annual event for developers where Apple will unveil the first new features of its new operating systems.

Well, according to KGI according to Apple, Apple would take advantage of the event to introduce two new devices, a new iPad Pro of 10.5 inches and the rumored speaker with Siri .

As you will remember, this is not the first time we talk about a 10.5-inch iPad, a size that would be achieved by reducing the frames with the current model, thus maintaining the overall size of the device.

As for the speaker with Siri, the only thing we know is that Phil Schiller himself ensured that a speaker with virtual assistant and without screen does not make much sense , so if we add the statements of Mark Gurman , the most probable is that we see a Speaker with screen, Siri and compatibility with Apple Music to compete with the Amazon Echo Show.

In short, if the latest information is correct, it seems that Cupertino will not only focus on software, but will take advantage of the event to introduce new devices.
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